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Litigation Support Services

Document review has historically been the most important, time consuming, and costly part of litigation. It was once the bane of the paralegals who used to spend back-breaking hours going through multitude of documents to sort out the responsive from the non-responsive. With the digital revolution, the amount of data relevant for a particular case has increased many-fold. Although, documents which are relevant to a case form a small part of the documents being reviewed, these documents are the ones that can make or break a case.

More and more law firms are seeking help to reduce the work load on the already overworked paralegals by offshoring their document review work.

So when you decide to unburden yourself from all those documents that need to be reviewed, just contact Legal Advantage. With our Litigation Support Team reviewing your documents,  you can breath easy and concentrate on other aspects of your litigation. Our litigation support team comprises 25 highly-trained and experienced attorneys. We work round-the-clock to deal with all your litigation-related issues. In this highly competitive market we provide target-oriented solutions to our clients and ensure the highest quality in the industry.

To maintain the confidentiality of your data, Legal Advantage uses state-of-the-art technology, extensive internal controls, restricted access to data and physical assets, and  comprehensive employee background checks. We also conduct a three-level quality check, which guarantees you a quality output.

We also offer one of the fastest turnaround times.

Other services offered by Legal Advantage:

1. Contract Management & Drafting
2. Document Review Litigation Review and M & A Review)
3. Patent Drawings (Utility,Design and Trademark)
4. Patent Proofreading
5. Patent & IP Services
6. Prior Art Search
7. Trial Graphics (Animation Samples)
8.Translation Services

Patent Search Services

 Accelerated Examination, Chemical Search, Claim Product Mapping, Clearance Infringement Search, File Wrapper Review Analysis, Freedom To Operate, Patentability, Patent Analysis, Patent Mapping, Patent Watch, Patent Proofreading, State of the Art, Validity

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